That Woman


That Woman

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You will notice her in a meeting, because she’s the eloquent and confident one. The one who stands to speak and everyone listens because words drip from her bee-stung lips effortlessly as if when she was born, instead of crying she asked for a microphone. She’s intelligent, she talks and you learn something new every time because she’s well-read, she quotes authors and gives social references that leave you mind blown. She’s the kind of woman that thinks more between morning and noon than most of us think in a month.

She’s a gracious woman. She will say “How are you?” “Excuse me.” And “May I.” Words that have long disappeared from most of our vocabulary. She’s polished too, you have seen how she straightens her skirt and crosses her legs when sitting down and how she dabs her lips with a napkin after putting food into her mouth.

She has a sense of style. Sometimes she’ll wear a red knee length dress that has a black zip running from its bust to its hem, the kind that would strip her naked with one quick unzip. Other times she’ll wear a hand towel size, rose crushed skirt that exposes her silky smooth, young thighs and miles of leg and on her feet will be wedges that make her entire body sing like a seasoned orchestra.

She always looks good, in fact she’s the kind of woman that would make diapers and a bow-tie look fabulous but there’s something wrong. Her hair; it’s always a step behind her sense of style, as if it’s playing catch-up in vain. She will wear a white v-neck top that exposes her plunging cleavage, a grey pencil skirt and cream strapped high heels but her hair will ruin the entire look because it looks like an electrocuted squirrel. You will give her the benefit of the doubt and think she’s just having a bad hair day but then, in the next meeting it will be worse because then, her hair will look like a burnt squirrel.

That woman; we know her because she’s our cousin, our work colleague, our sister. That woman who is so beautiful, dashing and immaculate… and yet her hair fails her every time.



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