Dear (Future) Husband, Here’s a Few Things You’ll Need to Know About You, Me & My Hair.

dear husband

1. I’m worried you won’t like it.

Cause right now I’m not sure I like it either. It’s a phase I’m going through…. It shall pass.

2. Now is not the time to let me know how crazy I look.

I’d much rather have you hug me. Or kiss me on the forehead. Or say “I Love You”. Or feed me. 😉 😉

Twistout Fail Meme

3. You did say last year that you’d LOVE ALL OF ME, RIGHT?

Didn’t you and John Legend say something about loving ALL OF ME? All my curves and all my EDGES? All my PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS? (No, I’m not screaming… I’m just laying a little emphasis)

Haiya! Then Love me 🙂

4. No, you may not run your fingers through my hair. Okay…maybe…

…. once in a while…

5. I have to look wrong to look right.

Babe, ukiniona na paperbags kwa kichwa usifikirie nimerukwa na akili, tafadhali? Na hizo vitu mimi hufunga kwa nywele kabla nilale zinaitwa “bonnet” ama “silk scarf”. I know, I know… nakaa Cúcú wako- not sexy at all- lakini asubuhi nikikaa Beyonce, si you’ll be happy?? 😀

(Loosely translated as: Babe, If you see me with a paperbag on my head don’t think I’ve lost my mind, please? And those things you see me wrap my hair in before I sleep are called “bonnet” or a “silk scarf” I know, I know… i look like your grandmother…. but in the morning when I’m looking like Beyonce, …)

Image Source: Bestcurls

6. “Shaggy” hair is actually a hairstyle. It’s called a Wash-and-Go or when it’s very complex it’s a type of Crotchet braids.

Eh…Save yourself the headache and only Google ‘Wash-and-Go’ part.

7. When you say natural hair isn’t attractive… Do you realize that our daughter is going to probably have my type of hair. Will you not like hers?

Like I wonder…. will we be putting chemicals on our baby’s hair to make it cuter A.K.A straighter?

8. This isn’t just hair to me… Even though it should be.

I’m sorry that Saturday or Sunday’s isn’t our date day/night anymore cause now I have to make my hair look cute (on my own). It takes almost the whole day….more time than it used to take me.

I’m also sorry that after “taking over” the dressing table and a wardrobe (Lol…we all know those were mine to begin with) that it now seems that I am endeavouring to flood our bathroom with my hair things (that I buy a lot of) #BudalangiInMyBathroom

Last week, when I said we had to talk and I told you I wanted to invest, you asked me about whether I wanted bonds or shares… I’m sorry that the answer was 3 bundles of Brazilian Body Wave. When I told you the price of it, you asked if it comes with the girl too (Shipping Included)? *smh*

I’m new to this and I’ve got a lot to learn… be patient with me, okay? 😇

9. Yes, I will still rock those hairstyles you like.

I’ll wear them every once in a while. Yes, even the long hair that makes me slap the back of my head.

Image Source: theworthcampaign

10. Funny thing is I know that you don’t really care that much about it anyway.

To you, this is probably just a new hairstyle and everything from the “I don’t like it” to the “Will you not like your daughter’s hair” part was me overthinking/over-analyzing/overreacting etc. and it doesn’t really matter (except 2,3 and 4 😉 )

You’d like me to not wear the exact same style from month to month and you’d like me to take less time on my hair (and Youtube). I hear you and I’m working on it.

Love you 🙂

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