The Bounce Essentials Deep Conditioning Cap: Something You Won’t Regret Spending Your Money On This Season

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Happy end of year to you guys! (Because once my year hit November-read ‘October’- it was pretty much 2017). Hope 2016’s been a good one…

This is the year I’ve tried the most, new things on my hair… I’m talking: DIY treatments, DIY hairstyles, myth testing, new regimens (the show goes on), new products, new gadgets and it is the also the year I started blogging about natural hair. And if you’re like me, then in the process (as is the case with everything in life) there have been major wins and major losses.

Today, I want to share on a MAJOR WIN that has completely changed my hair regimen for the better, and in turn, my social life, and as a result my love life and as a result my plans for world takeover and women’s equality *Evil laugh* (Some low-key digressing here 😅)

Anywho… A little background: I am not a product or gadget junkie, by far. What type of natural am I? I am actually a Holistic Natural: Lots of DIYs and simple routines .

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So, although I agree on how beneficial pre-pooing, deep conditioning and hot oil treatments, I’d seen deep conditioning caps and thought they were all hype. You know, like snake oil but…

So wrong… 🙇 |Giphy

I got my Bounce Essentials Deep Conditioning Cap (B.E.D.C. Cap) last week, tried it and now I’m here to tell you what I liked about it and what I didn’t like so much.

A bit of background research: found out it’s an African-owned brand that’s been around for a while (At this point I’m like “Oh! Okay… I’m listening”). Then I saw reviews of this product online (And I’m like “I like where this is going”). Then I did the math of what shipping, duty and purchasing the product from S.A. would cost me and how long it would take to get to me, in Kenya, and… I was sold

Now to the Actual use:

First thing I did was try a hot oil treatment/pre-poo treatment – just a home-made blend of oils I have. You can use whatever you have on hand.

I’m used to having to wash out a lot of the oil after the waiting period, even though I use highly penetrative oils like coconut and olive oil. I had read claims that a bit of heat can help your hair absorb not only highly penetrative oils better but also some of the oils that don’t absorb into your hair so well.

You know I had to try this out, right? So, this time I used Rapeseed or Canola Oil to form the largest portion of my pre-poo mix- it’s not as bad at absorbing into the hair as castor oil but it definitely can’t be considered as penetrative as olive oil, for example.

I used Heat Setting 1 for this trial. I was meant to keep it on for 20 minutes (8:40 am) but I ended up taking it off after about 50 minutes (9:53 am). The heating was so gentle that I only noticed my scalp getting very slightly warm in 6 minutes. After the 50 minutes, had elapsed, my hair felt lightly oiled- far from the greased mess that it was when I first put my hair in the cap. My hair literally just drank all that oil up. I almost cried out of sheer joy!

Then I did the Deep Conditioning Trial a few days later on Heat Setting 2. This time, I made sure to stay in for only 20 minutes. Unlike the first time, within the first 5 minutes, my scalp felt pretty warm and I had the weirdest but most pleasant tingling sensations on my scalp after the first 10 minutes. I could tell it was stimulating my scalp even though I don’t know how it was doing it. Needless to say, I loved it my hair was <read in Trump’s voice>so so soft!

Overall Pros:

The colour- pink has never looked so good.

The inside of the cap is covered in a black, light and smooth cloth that’s removable via the cute zipper running along the bottom of the cap. Meaning that any oil or product stains in the cap aren’t really visible and they can easily be cleaned off.

The cap is big. I have an okay size head and that cap went on with no issues -with my hair twisted and pinned down into 4 large sections and a plastic bag and a shower cap on- there was still quite a bit of room. Also when it fees too big, you can easily adjust it via the drawstring on the side of the cap.

The Cap’s power cable is long- which I enjoyed because it allowed me to sit in a comfortable position -no weird leaning or strategically sitting on the floor- and both times, I could read off of my laptop and use my phone and even allowed me some wiggle room to walk a short distance to get things in my room.

I’m so grateful that now treating my hair under a form of heat doesn’t have to feel like a waste of my time. I can still get some other things done too!

It has 3 power settings: Off, Warm (Heat Setting 1) and Hot (Heat Setting 2). At first, I took this for granted but I know why they did that now. Sometimes you’re looking for a slow spa-worthy hair treatment experience and only Heat Setting 1 is ideal for this but then other times, you want something much faster because today you’re not in the mood for a long wash day routine or you’re running late and your panicking late self needs to still deep condition before you leave.

It’s not like sitting in a salon dryer/steamer…. For those who’ve known that kind of life, you’ll understand what I mean when I say: It’s not harsh heat and because of how I tied it, it wasn’t getting burnt/scalded over my forehead, neck and ears (or being told to stay in for 5 more minutes) (I LOVE THAT!)

It’s compact and foldable so it’s easy to travel with; unlike travelling with a hood attachment and a blow dryer.

It’s owned by a young African sister- I’m not racist but the idea of supporting African businesses and start-ups just makes me beyond happy!

Overall Cons:

I wish the cable was a bit longer- the idea of being able to move around more and get even more done during my hot oil, pre-poo and deep conditioning treatments sounds appealing.

The actual Heat setting Switch’s placement was a bit awkward. It wasn’t smack in my face but it didn’t reach my elbow. So it required a bit of manoeuvring- albeit incredibly minimal. I dealt with this by placing the switch on the table top or on my headboard when I was in bed.

Overall, The pros largely outweigh the cons and should you want to buy one to pamper yourself after the long year it has been, click here. *Psst… These caps fly off the shelves and New stock is just in*

Want to see what other cool things other people are doing with their D.C. Caps like styling their hair or using it to reduce drying time on wash day? Then sign up here for our email newsletter or follow us on Instagram @afrofinity. It’ll be awesome!



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