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My niece just turned 7. She’s now in Class Two but she’s already a little woman with standards. You should see her strutting around the house in her tiny high heels like she’s one of the models for Chanel. She’s also asking those questions grown women ask. You know those landmine questions. Those questions women purposely put on your path so you can lose a limb whenever you attempt to answer them? Questions like, “how do I look in this dress and is my hair long? Questions that never have a right answer. Questions that always leave you at the bottom of a dark pit.

I took her out on the weekend. She was buzzing the night before. Thinking about all the face painting that would be done on her face and all the boat and horse rides she would have. She couldn’t settle down even though she was unbraiding her hair and only one side of it was done. She was busy unbraiding it, then she turned and asked me to give her a hand. If you think questions women ask are a maze try unbraiding their hair. You end up with oily hands and a few of your fingers imprisoned in the mane. So I gave up and told her that her hair was just fine and we could go out just the way she looked. Because she looked beautiful anyway.

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She was livid. She tightened her lips, put her small hands on her tiny waist, completely tired with my remark then rolled her eyes all the way to her back and said, “Oh my goodness, are you for real?” and punched my arm. Ouch! (For a tiny girl she’s surprisingly strong). She then gave me a look, an enemy look. The look a person gives you when they realize you’re not reading from the same script and you’re not playing for their team.

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A look that said, “Sorry buddy, I’m not going out looking crazy, not even if face painting is up for grabs; and you know how much I love my face painting.” She ended up waking up the next morning at a witching hour to go to the salon and get her hair did because she was not prepared to look a mess all day. After all, who knows? Sponge Bob might be out there handing out candy to the little girl with the best hair.



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