How to Care for Your Newborn’s Scalp


Newborn Baby’s Skin and Scalp

After you have welcomed your beautiful gift into this foreign world, you will notice some key differences within your skin and the skin of your baby.  In fact, your new little prince or princess’ skin is a world apart from our adult skin and scalp. As your baby angel adjusts to the new world, it is our job to keep their little bodies warm and nourished, just as our body did when they lived in the womb.  Wrap them up in a traditional swaddle and keep their little bodies covered when necessary.  Cleanse their hair and scalp with infrequent regularity, as the sensitivity of their skin and scalp requires a “less is more” method.  Avoid irritating substances and adopt a carefree lifestyle with healthy, organic products.  Don’t worry, your new baby will not get very dirty or sweaty, in your care.

Scalp Care

Post birth, you may see your baby’s scalp showing signs of adjustment to the environment. This sometimes appears by way of extremely dry and flaky scalp or mild to severe cradle cap. As time progresses you will see your baby begin to find his or her balance. To assist in this very natural process, a gentle baby shampoo can help regulate your baby’s scalp. Cleanse as needed, but no more than every 4 days with a mild shampoo and conditioner. When assistance is needed with scalp scaling, use a very soft brush to gently brush the scales with a circular motion, while the conditioner is on the hair and scalp.  Then, rinse completely.

As your baby continues to develop, you can move on to other hair care support items such as a moisturizer.  You will know you need this item when baby’s hair and/or scalp feels extra dry and in need of additional moisture.  Apply after cleansing and conditioning.


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So, Are You Ready to Care for Your Baby’s Hair and Scalp?

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Article Source: CURLS


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