Handle with Care: A Mummy & Me Hair Workshop and Playdate


Want to learn how to treat your child’s hair; not sure on how to start; what products to use; regimen to follow. Does your child come from a mixed heritage or have a combination of textures? This class is for you!

This workshop is designed to offer support and advice to parents/guardians/carers of afro and curly haired children, who want to learn about the techniques, products and tools needed to care for their children’s hair more effectively. It is aimed at giving you a general understanding of your child’s hair, with practical solutions on how to ensure each experience with handling your child’s hair is pleasant, loving and bonding. Come along with your little one and learn easy fun hair styles. We will be teaching styles that incorporate braids. twists and curls. We will show you some simple up-dos and styles using hair accessories. There is limited seating so sign up quickly. Certificate of attendance will be give to the mother and child on completion

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Be more informed about natural hair views
  • Understand the importance of positive self image from a young age

  • Have learned a new approach to caring for your/child’s hair

  • Have received clarification on his/her specific hair concerns

Access to this event is exclusive to Afrofinity members, so register an account on our website today to get all the details and be first in line to secure a spot for you and your angel.



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